Nutri-Lock Silage Soluble Inoculant

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Nutri-Lock Silage Inoculant contains 7 different lactic acid producing bacteria to help ensure a rapid decrease in pH and preservation of your forages.  Due to the unique combination of bacteria, Nutri-Lock Silage Inoculant also helps ensure your feeds remain cooler during feed out.

Nutri-Lock Silage Inoculant has undergone the rigorous testing required to gain Canadian registration.

Nutri-Lock Silage Inoculant is designed to be water soluble and applied with a sprayer or low flow applicator.


1000 gram bag will cover 500 treated tons at 2 grams per ton.

400 gram bag will cover 200 treated tons at 2 grams per ton.

100 gram bag will cover 50 treated tons at 2 grams per ton.

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