Chute-Side Livestock Probiotic 100ml Self-sealing bottle

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Chute-Side Livestock Probiotic provides Life Products research proven, encapsulated beneficial bacteria in a convenient, easy to use self-sealing bottle.  Use any regular tip syringe ( no needle) to draw Chute-Side dosage.  Chute-Side Livestock's low dose decreases the risk of complications that can come with oral treatments.  Chute-Side Livestock Probiotic does not require special storage and is resistant to freezing making winter treatments easier.  Ideal for fresh animal, hospital animals and any time digestive support is needed.

Adult dairy cows:  4 ml (25 doses/bottle)

Calves and young stock:  2 ml (50 doses/bottle)

Beef Cattle:  2 ml (50 doses/bottle)         Sheep and Goats:  2 ml (50 doses/bottle)

May be repeated daily as needed.