1-G Calf Probiotics

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Life Products 1-G Calf Probiotic delivers research proven, encapsulated probiotics that will dissolve in your calves milk or milk replacer.  Feeding trials have shown 1-G Calf promotes a healthier, more efficient calf with improved weaning weights.

1-G Calf Probiotic is fed daily from birth to weaning.  It can be combined with 10-G Micro Concentrate Dairy added to the starter grain.

1-G Calf Probiotic:  1 gram per day preferably divided between feedings.

Each 1 gram feeding will provide approximately 1 billion cfu's of beneficial bacteria

Approximately 4540 feedings per 10# Bag

Approximately 1816 feedings per 4# Bag

Approximately 908 feedings per 2# Bag